Club Lux, January '22

Bernavi “Xalera Negre” Cabernet/Syrah/Garnacha

Terra Alta, Catalunya

Some Catalonian love! This project from Marco Bernava (an Italian) and Ruth Fullat (a Catalonian) works to showcase the potential and beauty of Catalonia’s winemaking scene. They chose Terra Alta as a place to settle down thanks to the affordability of the land, giving them the ability to experiment without the extreme financial burden or anxiety. Their wines are so incredibly pure and delicious. The “Xalera” line are their most approachable line, but still chock-full of compelxity. “Xalera Negre” is a blend of Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah, and you can pick out aspects of each in the wine. Red fruit from the Garnacha, structure and herbal-qualities from the Cabernet, and a touch of earthiness from the Syrah. This wine is stellar with so many proteins, lean or fatty.

Saline Txakoli

Basque Country, Spain

We like to think of Txakoli as an all-seasons kind of wine. Even when it’s winter, it’s hard to resist the salty spritz of these beautiful wines. Txakoli is the hallmark of Basque winemaking, known for its high acidity, low alcohol, and general crushability. Often served as an “aperitif” wine, it also does well with lighter fare, like seafood or soft cheeses. As the name implies, “Saline” has that quintessential oceanic salty quality, while highlighting bright citrus fruit and a slight spritz. The traditional way to pour Txakoli is from relatively high above the glass, which is traditionally thought to help “unlock” the wine.


Josep Grau Viticultur “L’Efecte Volador”

Montsant, Catalunya

If you like Priorat, you’re in luck! The Montsant wine-growing region almost completely surrounds Priorat, and as such, a lot of the wines possess similar qualities. The region takes its name from the Montsant mountain range, which provides a bit of protection from the hot Catalonian sun. This wine is predominately Garnacha, with a touch of Carignan as well to add some herbaceousness. Garnacha takes center-stage, though, with its bright, almost jammy red fruit quality, and a hint of spice.



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